About Classes

All classes are 60 minutes in length.    Every class begins with a 10-15 minute warm up, and the rest of the time will be spent learning various pole skills and combinations.  Any class level can be repeated as many times as you wish.

Classes have a maximum of 8-10 individuals per class so be sure to reserve your spots in advance.  A class may be cancelled if there are less than 3 people enrolled within 3 hours of the class's start time.



Pole Kitten

Pole Kitten is our entry level pole class. Participants will learn basic spins, floorwork, transitions, and sitting positions on the pole. You will also learn different combinations to string together the tricks you are working on. You may join this class at any time by signing up here!

Pole Tabby

**All participants must be able to safely perform crossed knee releases with dual sided proficiency**

In Pole Tabby, participants will expand upon their basic spins, transitions, and floorwork from Pole Kitten. You will learn different climbs up the pole, spins on spinner pole, various skills from releases, and how to invert and perform leg hangs. This level will take more skills from the ground to the air!

Sample tricks from our tabby syllabus include: Straddle spins, Reverse grabs, Jasmine spins, Crossed ankle releases, Wrist sits, Side climbs, Inverted crucifixes, Leg Hangs



Pole Cat

**All participants must be able to safely perform inverted leg hangs with dual sided proficiency**

In Pole Cat, participants will learn at ascend into different inverted pole from the floor and descend into them aerially.  You will continue learning more advanced floorwork, transitions, and climbs, and combinations

Sample tricks from our cat syllabus include: Reverse grab variations, Juliet spins, Butterflies, Jade splits, Shoulder Mounts, and Extended Butterflies

Pole Calico

**All participants must be able to safely perform aerial inversions, extended butterflies, and shoulder mounts with dual sided proficiency**

In the Pole Calico level, you will learn different aerial inversions, more advanced transitions on and off the pole, and different repel moves.

Sample tricks from our calico syllabus include: Spinning shoulder mounts, Brass monkeys, Tick tocks, Holly drops, Caterpillar climbs, Ayeshas (all grips), and Aerial shoulder mounts.


 Photo credit: Alloy Images

Photo credit: Alloy Images

Pole Tigress

**Instructor Permission Only**

Pole Tigress is an ongoing advanced level to continually push particiapnts' skills, incorporating many of the newest pole tricks and transitions. You will learn challenging strength moves, advanced tumbles and drops, deadlifts, and more. Please e-mail info@musepolefitness.com if you are visiting the area and would like to determine if you are eligible to take this class.

Mixed Levels

Mixed level classes are open for any Tabby and above level participants to attend.  Each individual will be taught different level-appropriate skills and combinations in the class that match their current skill set and progression.



Flexy Felines-Stretch & Flexibility 

Stretch & flexibility classes are open to all levels unless otherwise specified. Different variations and stretching goals will be provided for all participants depending on your personal level of flexibility.

Beg/Int Flexy Felines focuses on different stretching techniques to eventually acquire splits and backbends (bridges). Int/Adv Flexy Felines is aimed toward individuals who are either very close to or are comfortable in their splits and backbends (bridges) and would like to train over-splits and contortion back bending.

Power panther-strength & conditioning

Power Panther is a conditioning based class that works both and and off the poles with different drills and/or circuits to strengthen your body for pole work. This class is divided based on level, and will have material and variations to benefit each individual wherever they may be.  Beg/Int Power is focused on tools that will best assist levels Kitten-Cat, and Int/Adv Power is focused on tools that will best assist levels Cat-Tigress.

*Note: Power Panther classes are typically performed barefoot*



Exotic & Contemporary Pawgraphy

Exotic pawgraphy is a sexy pole choreography class that will focus on learning different choreography with bi-weekly routines. This class challenged your brain as well as your body as you learn to dance your pole tricks set to a song. Exotic pawgraphy is divided based upon level with Beg/Int classes targeted toward Tabby+ participants, and Adv classes require instructor permission. Heels are strongly recommended for this class.

Contemporary pawgraphy is a contemporary pole choreography class open to levels Tabby+.  Participants will want to be barefoot for this class.

Circus Cats

Circus cats is a gymnastics based pole class focused on learning strength or gymnastics based pole and floor tricks and combinations. This class will develop handstand skills, acrobatic skills, and more dynamic pole tricks and flips. Participants must be at level Cat or above, or receive instructor permission to take this class.



Prowling Pumas-Floorwork

Learn both tricks and combinations of movement off the pole and on the floor in this all level class.  Progressions of crawls, rolls, leg patterns, transitions, heel work, and contemporary movement will be taught to learn to dance without a pole and take your floorwork to the next level.  Pants or legwarmers are strongly recommended and knee pads are often encouraged.  Heels typically recommended.

wild cats - freestyle

This class uses different prompts, tools, and discussion to help participants become comfortable freestyling, or dancing without set choreography both on and off the pole.  Participants will explore various styles of movement and expression that will help their inner styles shine.  We recommend participants have at least 4-5 classes of pole experience before taking Wild Cats.



Demographic specific classes: tom cats & pole cougar

While all of our leveled classes are open and welcoming to any individual regardless of age and gender, we have a few demographic specific classes on our schedule.

Tom Cats: This class is targeted specifically for male identifying participants with a focus on more masculine pole tricks and combinations. This class is open to male identifying individuals of any age or level and will progress based upon the individual’s strengths and needs.

Pole Cougar: Pole Cougar has material similar to all of our other classes but is targeted specifically for female identifying participants over the age of 30.