Class Descriptions & Pricing - Muse Pole Fitness
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Class Descriptions & Pricing

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Pole Kitten is our entry level pole class.  You will learn basic spins, floorwork, transitions, and sitting positions on the pole. You will also learn different combinations to string together the tricks you are working on.  You may join this class at any time, but feel free to e-mail us at if you have any questions about getting started!



**You must be able to safely perform crossed knee releases to take Pole Tabby classes**


In the Pole Tabby level, you will expand upon your basic spins, transitions, and floorwork from Pole Kitten.  Continue to learn climbs on the pole, spinner pole, and various skills from releases.  Take more skills from the ground to the air!



**You must be able to safely invert to take Pole Cat classes**


In the Pole Cat level, you will learn different inverted positions on the pole and continue learning more advanced floorwork, transitions, and climbs.  Learn various ways to get from right-side-up to upside-down and back again!  More advanced combinations will be taught with more aerial transitions.



**You must be able to safely perform repel moves to take Pole Tigress classes**


In the Pole Tigress level, you will work with holding your weight away from the pole and using advanced grips and transitions.  This level is an ongoing advanced level to continually develop your skills.



Mixed level classes are open for any level to attend.  Each individual will be taught their own level appropriate skills and combinations in the class.  Note there are also some mixed level classes that are only open to certain levels.  These will always be noted in the class titles.



Stretch & flexibility classes are open to all levels.  Each class will target different areas of the body to improve flexibility.  Whether you are looking to touch your toes or fold in half backwards, your instructor will help you reach your goals.  (Drop-in rate $10)



Power Panther will work both and and off the poles with different ways to strengthen your body for pole work.  This class is open to all levels, and will have material to benefit you no matter where your current strength level is!



Wild Cat is an open level class that will explore different tools and methods for freestyling both on and off the pole.  This class will rotate instructors to maximize your potential for growth and exploration.



This class is open to all levels and requires no pole background or experience.  Learn various styles and methods of twerking and choreographed combinations that will get those booties shaking!


Classes range from 60-75 minutes in length.  The schedule will vary between months to allow individuals to progress without having to change class times.  Every class begins with a warm-up based around Pilates and Yoga exercises…with a little spice!  The rest of the class is spent on the pole.  Any class level can be repeated as many times as you wish.


Classes have a maximum of 10 individuals per class.  A class will be cancelled if there are less than 3 people enrolled.


Members will be able to select whether they would like a basic, basic plus, or unlimited membership.  Each membership expires after 4 weeks.  Members can add additional classes to their packages at a reduced rate.  You may choose to start your membership at any time, and payments will be due every 4 weeks.


Basic Membership: $50/4 credits
Basic Plus Membership: $80/8 credits
Unlimited Membership: $100/unlimited
Membership Add-On Class: $10


Drop in classes are an option for those who do not wish to have a full monthly membership.  Please follow the leveling guidelines.  If you are uncertain which class is appropriate for you to take, contact us before signing up.


Drop In Rate: $15/class


Get one-on-one training that will focus on all of your individual wants and needs!  E-mail or talk to your instructor for rates and more info.