What should I wear?

Please wear shorts and whatever sort of top you feel comfortable in. Dancing heels are always welcome in classes, though never required.  No street shoes are allowed in the studio

AVOID wearing metal jewelry on your hands or wrists and please do not apply any lotion the day you attend class.  Even in the morning!  This is a safety issue for yourself and others who will touch the pole after you.

Absolutely not!  Pole will develop all of the strength you need with the exercises in class.  While of course cross-training or prior athletic experience may help some feel more comfortable when starting off, most women start with no prior athletic or dance background.

Do I need to have upper body strength?

Our poles are industrial grade studio poles from made to support men and women of all shapes and sizes!  They are installed securely and checked regularly for safety.

Do the poles have a weight limit?

We pride ourselves on being a non-discriminatory studio, and men are allowed in any of our classes. There is a class just for you, though, on Saturdays at 1:15pm!  

Can men pole dance too? 

Am I too old to pole dance?

If you're young enough to read this, you're young enough to pole dance!  We have dancers of all ages, but if you would prefer dancing with women who are more mature, be sure to check out our Pole Cougar classes on Thursday evenings!

You can join in our Pole Kitten classes at any time!  These classes are designed for newbies so you'll be comfortable coming in.  Be sure to sign up online to reserve your spot, because they often fill up!

When do I start?