Quality Instruction

At Muse Pole Fitness we ensure that our instructors provide quality, safe training.  We pride ourselves in offering different strengths and focuses in each class to give the most well-rounded schedule possible.  Learn about our different instructors below!



Owner & Instructor

Jordan has been pole dancing since 2009, and dancing since the age of 3.  She danced professionally with the Missouri Contemporary Ballet for 4 years and performs and competes pole both nationally and internationally.  She currently holds almost 20 professional level pole titles. Jordan integrates her knowledge of classical dance with her degree in kinesiology to create classes that allow free, beautiful, and sexy movement while understanding the specific mechanisms to facilitate these accomplishments.  She is excited to share her love of pole with anyone who comes to Muse Pole Fitness.  Read her full bio at the bottom of our About Us section to learn more about her performance experience and competitive titles.



Studio Manager & Instructor

Leah is a Columbia, Missouri native. She graduated in 2012 from Stephens College with a BFA in dance and a minor in music. Leah discovered pole in June 2013 and has since performed in almost every showcase Muse has put on. She has also had the pleasure of opening for the Suicide girls as well as perform with Lola Van Ella and her touring band. Leah is very involved in the competitive side of pole. She is the current GPC Pro Qualifier Champion, the 2016 World and North American Erotic Art Champion, PSO's L4 National Exotic Champion, and 3rd place champion at 2016 and 2017 Dance Filthy USA.

Leah is also a choreographer and co-producer of the current running and local show, Vertical Desires.  Leah started teaching at Muse in August 2014. She teaches a variety of classes including stretch and upper level classes, but she is most known for her exotic choreography class. Leah’s favorite thing about teaching is unleashing the inner sex goddess that she knows everyone has. 




Hilary Jade grew up in Shebogyan, Wisconsin. She spent her childhood as a competitive gymnast and cheerleader. She began her pole adventure in 2012 with Muse and has since had the opportunity to perform in multiple studio showcases and has begun to venture outside the studio to participate in competitions and shows around the country. Hilary Jade enjoys incorporating her gymnastic background and strength into her pole routines and training. She believes that strong is sexy and wants to help everyone achieve their full potential. She has a passion for flips, tricks, and spending as much time as she can walking around on her hands.




Susie Elizabeth grew up in Saint Louis, Missouri and pursued a Masters in Health Administration from MU. She spent her childhood studying dance, even after her spinal fusion in 2004. She began studying pole in 2013 at Muse and has performed in every studio showcase since, as well as other performance opportunities around the country. She wants to show the world that nothing can stop you from having fun or from doing the things you want to do. She loves to entertain and put together silly and downright ridiculous routines, and she also enjoys the sexy, sassy side of pole.




Kathleen has lived in Columbia since college. She obtained her Bachelors of Arts in both History and Political Science. She has danced and figure skated since elementary school. Kathleen was a competitive figure skater all through college and spent years coaching and choreographing for her students. She has dance training in hip hop and belly dance. 

She discovered pole dance in 2011 and never looked back. She has been at Muse since the beginning and loves everything about being at the studio. Kathleen began teaching at Muse in 2016. She loves the sexy side of pole and wants to teach everyone that walks in how to twerk. She loves meeting new students and showing them that people of any age can start pole and love it as much as she does. 




Bio coming soon.




Corey Elyse is a Columbia native. She has been dancing at Muse Pole Fitness since Fall, 2014. Corey has performance experience from theatre and enjoys using it to bring characters to life and tell a story with her pole performances. In her free time, Corey Elyse enjoys spending time with her pets, learning new bird facts to share with her classes, and baking for her friends. 


Chandler Emory


Chandler relocated to Columbia from Arkansas in 2013. She has a BS in Biology and Nursing and is currently a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department. Chandler found Muse in 2015 and was obsessed after just one class. She has a background in gymnastics and loves to incorporate elements of gymnastics into pole dancing, but she also enjoys the sexy, sultry side of pole as well. She placed 1st in the Exotic Division at the 2018 Central Pole Championships in Chicago. She also placed 3rd in the Amateur Elite Division at the Minnesota Pole Competition. Chandler is so happy to be a part of the Muse family and loves being able to help others feel strong, confident, and sexy!




Bio coming soon.